Custom Printing Facility

We are happy to announce that we now have commercial colour printing facilities on site. If you have a special request, e.g. branded stickers with your company logo, you’ve come to the right place.

We can supply stickers on a range of durable media with a fast turnaround. Email for more details. Need inspiration?, please visit our sticker website

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We Have Moved

2013 has seen expansion for Wheelie Rubbish Signs and we happy to announce we have now moved into our new premises (next door, [not much of an upheaval!]).  Thanks goes to everyone who helped make the transition as smooth as possible.

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DIY Stickers

Here at WRS we are always thinking of new products to add to our site to complement our existing portfolio.  With our recycling stickers being a very popular item we have now extended our range to include a sheet or common recycling symbols.  The A4 decals sheet comprise symbols for food waste, plastics, paper, glass, batteries etc, either use all the symbols or just the ones you need.

Want more symbols, different symbols, we really appreciate your feedback!

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New Product – Customer Request

At wheelie rubbish signs we really do appreciate feedback on our products and services.  Thanks to a request from a recent customer who asked…

“Our bins always end up all over the street after collection day. Is there anything you could do that would work on the green recycling bags? These go missing all the time.”  Louise 7/7/2011

Well we had a quick brainstorm and are happy to now introduce our new identification tags.  The tags are made in house from exterior grade laminate plastic with text deep engraved for a finish that will not fade over time.  To ensure robustness our tags are made from 2mm plastic and supplied with a metal shackle to accommodate even the most severe handling.

Recycling Bag Tags

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New Product – Recycling Labels

We are pleased to introduce our new product range, “Recycling Labels”, a set of 8 exterior grade stickers aimed at clearing the confusion between different bins for different waste types.  The set comprise of: -

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Food Waste
  • Metal
  • Garden Waste
  • Rubbish (Non Recyclable)

Wheeliue Rubbish Signs - Recycling Labels

Available to buy both individually and as a set of 8 here.

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Celebrity Cheryl Cole – Does Her Own Dirty Work

A shocked Enfield council worker took a memorable phone call this month. The request was simple enough “can i get a new wheelie bin please”, but when the request is from down to earth geordie star Cheryl Cole the council worker must have taken some convincing. Full story available here.

But alas with a £3.5 million mansion in Surrey, a tidy kerbside is clearly important, all that’s missing Cheryl, yep, you’ve guessed it a suitably stylish bin label!

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Councils ‘Bin-Going Crazy’

Nine bins per household to Boost Recycling Rates

Over the past two decade households have seen many changes to their refuge collections; from bin bags to wheelie bins to sorting items individually for recycling.  Could this be a bin too far…

A new council initiative from Newcastle-under-Lyme is to introduce a staggering NINE bins/containers to boost recycling rates.

Why so many bins…

In 1996/7 only 6% of household rubbish was recycled, since then recycling is now nearing 40% (still trailing the european average, with the best performing countries, Germany, Austria and Belgium closer to 60%).

So why the sudden upsurge in UK recycling ? its simple, EU directives state that all domestic waste that is sent to land fill (traditional method) is now subject to a prohibitive tax per ton (simplified explanation) this now makes recycling much more economical than a decade or two ago.

9 Bins Per Household

Confused - What Goes Where?

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