Councils ‘Bin-Going Crazy’

Nine bins per household to Boost Recycling Rates

Over the past two decade households have seen many changes to their refuge collections; from bin bags to wheelie bins to sorting items individually for recycling.  Could this be a bin too far…

A new council initiative from Newcastle-under-Lyme is to introduce a staggering NINE bins/containers to boost recycling rates.

Why so many bins…

In 1996/7 only 6% of household rubbish was recycled, since then recycling is now nearing 40% (still trailing the european average, with the best performing countries, Germany, Austria and Belgium closer to 60%).

So why the sudden upsurge in UK recycling ? its simple, EU directives state that all domestic waste that is sent to land fill (traditional method) is now subject to a prohibitive tax per ton (simplified explanation) this now makes recycling much more economical than a decade or two ago.

9 Bins Per Household

Confused – What Goes Where?


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